Ensuring Your Corporate Travel Program Thrives in 2018

Happy New Year! Follow these simple steps to ensure that your company’s travel program remains healthy and successful in 2018.

Review the last year

First things first, you’ll want to take a good, hard look at 2017. Evaluate your travel partners, costs and how business travel affected the company over the past year. Look for areas of success and also areas of opportunity, including where you can increase employee safety, save money or make business travel more efficient for your organization.

Set your corporate travel budget

Your corporate travel budget keeps the company on track when it comes to business spend, and putting one into place at the start of the year can save a lot of stress in the 365 days ahead. Talk to coworkers, make a list of potential trips and decide how much the company can comfortably spend on corporate travel in 2018. Be sure to assess your budget throughout the year, at least quarterly, and make adjustments as needed.

Update your travel policy

Among other things, a travel policy keeps your traveling employees safe and informed while saving the company money. Reviewing and updating it frequently, usually annually, allows you to discover what’s working and what isn’t, find new cost saving opportunities and re-train employees on the policy. For additional information, read about more travel policy benefits.

Set goals

Maybe you want to reduce travel spend this year or perhaps you want to take more of your booking and travel management mobile. Whatever your goals for 2018, carefully lay them out at the beginning of the year, communicate them with company stakeholders, and evaluate your progress along the way.

How do you plan to review and revise your company’s travel program this month? Tell us in the comments section below or contact us with questions or for assistance.

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