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How to Plan an Offsite Meeting That Works

Whether you love them or hate them, the truth of the matter is that offsite meetings are becoming more and more common in the workplace – and for good reason. Nearly two-thirds of appointment setters and decision makers say that offsite meetings are more productive than those held inside the office, and planning one that actually works isn’t as difficult as it sounds. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips below!

Choose the right place

A local restaurant, a convention center or a nearby hotel: the sky is the limit when it comes to your meeting location. Consider sending out a survey to your team before you start planning. Chances are, they will have some creative ideas!

Set the right time

According to a survey, 54% of people prefer Thursday mornings for offsite meetings versus only 23% who prefer Monday mornings. As a rule of thumb, try to have two dates in mind so that when you call potential venues, one isn’t completely out of the running because it’s not available on one particular day. And for larger group events, you can also gauge attendance for each day, and choose the date that will be more heavily attended.

Ensure you have the right equipment

Most likely, attendees will bring laptops to your meeting and may require power sources and Wi-Fi. Depending on the size of your meeting, you may need a projector to share a presentation or other information with the group.

Don’t forget to build in travel time

No matter where you choose to host your offsite meeting, there will be some travel time involved for attendees. Arrange transportation if necessary and at a minimum, send an email to the team with directions and how much time they should allow before and after the meeting for travel.

Be sure attendees know what to expect

No one likes to walk into a meeting with no idea what’s going to be discussed or accomplished. Consider sending out a pre-meeting agenda clearly laying out discussion topics and goals. If your meeting is around a meal time, be sure to let attendees know if food or drink will be provided, or if they can bring their own.

Keep it laid back

Sure, you want your meeting to be productive but part of the beauty of hosting offsite is that it can be a bit more relaxed. Build in time for an activity, networking or a meal, and consider the option to allow for a more casual dress code.

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