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What’s the Difference Between a Non-Stop, Direct and Connecting Flight?

You’ve heard the terms non-stop, direct and connecting before. But, do you really know what they mean? Read on to discover the difference between the three most common types of flights.

Non-stop flights

As the name suggests, a non-stop flight is one that travels from one point to another without stopping at all. A non-stop flight is usually the quickest, easiest and oftentimes the most expensive way to get to your final destination.

Direct flights

Many travelers think that non-stop and direct flights are the same thing however, there are differences between the two. A direct flight makes at least one stop (sometimes more) along the way to the destination but only has one flight number. During the flights’ stops, there may be passengers who are getting off or getting on the plane, similar to a bus or a train. Because of the time it takes to land, deplane and board passengers and takeoff again, these stops will add significantly to your travel time.

Connecting flights

A connecting flight means that you will stop at least once along the way to your destination in order to transfer onto another plane with a different flight number. Though it depends on the length of your layover, this type of flight usually takes the longest. On the flip side, it can be a lot more cost effective than a non-stop flight.

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