Allowing Business Travelers to Book with Airbnb? You Could Be Breaking the Law!

As an employer, it’s not only your duty to keep your employees safe, it’s the law. While Airbnb may seem like a reliable accommodation, we’re here to deliver some news . . . it’s not! Read on to discover why you should never be utilizing Airbnb for business travel.

Got 10 minutes? You could become an Airbnb host

Do you know how easy it is to create an email address? That’s how easy it is to become an Airbnb host. That’s right – it takes 10 minutes to become an Airbnb host and all you need is an email address and a phone number. Background checks are not always performed and Airbnb doesn’t even verify the rental addresses that hosts list. This means you could be hosted by a convicted felon, sex offender or scammer in a home that may or may not even exist!

Issues are far more common than you think

In 2016, of the 80 million Airbnb stays, 3-7% were problematic. And, we aren’t just talking about minor issues. Some Airbnb customers never even made it to the host site due to last-minute host cancellations and fake or duplicate listings. Of the travelers who did make it to their accommodations in 2016, experiences such as unsafe conditions, discrimination and scam attempts were reported. Who wants to stay in a place with a bug or mold infestation, faulty or broken appliances or worse, hidden cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms? No one does! But, unfortunately, that’s the risk you take when booking an Airbnb!

Put simply, hotels make business travel easier

When you walk into a hotel, you know you’ll have access to WiFi, a comfortable bed to sleep on, the option to order room service, 24-hour check-in and more. Hotels are held to certain standards – to ensure all customers are safe and housed in well-kept, clean and comfortable conditions – but the fact of the matter is that Airbnb hosts are not. Even if a rental listing boasts certain amenities, there’s no telling what’s actually at the property and how reliable it is.

Airbnb’s customer service is lacking

Unfortunately, Airbnb does not seem to make customer safety or satisfaction a priority. In fact, 82% of those who had an Airbnb issue in 2016 cited customer service as a problem. Airbnb has been known to deny refunds, deactivate guest accounts without reason, hang up on customers, provide little emergency support and more. When it comes down to it, that’s not the type of customer service team you want to be dealing with when it comes to business travel and the well-being of your employees on the road.

Our recommendation . . .

Allowing your business travelers to utilize Airbnb accommodations could leave your employees searching for last minute housing in an unfamiliar place or worse, could put them in a terribly unsafe situation. Because you are legally obligated to protect your employees on the road, you could end up in legal trouble as a result. It’s in your best interest (and your employee’s!) to never allow Airbnb for business travel. There are plenty of other, safer alternatives that a travel management company can walk you through.

If you’d like to discuss this topic further, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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