Save Time: Use a Travel Agent

You know that a travel agent can save you money but have you ever thought about the significant amount of time one can save you in addition to stretching your dollars? Often, travelers feel that alternatives, such as a travel website or booking directly, will be the most time effective option however, when you think about how many hours it takes to research, compare prices and finally book a flight, hotel, rental car and excursions, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The most time-consuming part of travel . . .

Ask anyone and they’ll say that research is the most time-consuming part of any trip. How many times have you gone down a rabbit hole while planning a vacation? Maybe you know where you want to go and you just can’t seem to find the perfect restaurants or things do when you get there. Or, maybe you have no clue where you want to go and spend hours and hours attempting to find the right destination. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a travel agent can do all of that for you. Travel agents these days don’t just simply book travel; they act as consultants or advisors, putting in all of the hours so you don’t have to. Furthermore, not only do travel agents actually visit a lot of the destinations they book for customers, they receive real traveler feedback on an ongoing basis. So, even if you like doing the research, there may be some information that only agents have. For example, you could book a hotel online only to find out once you arrive that it’s currently undergoing major construction.

Other time savers

In addition to saving you hours and hours when it comes to the research portion of your planning, travel agents can help you save time in little ways as well. For example, they can aid you with obtaining travel insurance, applying for a passport or visa and more.

If you happen to have an unexpected situation during your trip, such as a cancelled or missed flight, you could wait in the long line to speak with an airline representative or you can simply call your travel agent who will handle the issue for you while you use that time to grab a cup of coffee or read a book.

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