Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management: What’s the Difference?

Duty of care and travel risk management are two terms that are often used interchangeably. While they are related, and rely on each other to function, they mean different things.

As an employer, you have a legal and moral responsibility to alert your employees of any issue or danger that could affect them while traveling for business. This is called your company’s duty of care responsibility. Travel risk management is different than duty of care, and involves the plans and procedures in place to evaluate, mitigate and respond to risks you can and cannot control.

Consider this analogy. Your home is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. If a detector senses carbon monoxide in your home, an alarm will go off alerting your family of the danger. This represents duty of care. However, the steps you take to prevent a carbon monoxide leak in the first place, such as regular water heater and furnace maintenance, as well as the plan that you and your family have in place to leave the house and contact the fire department when the alarm starts sounding all represent travel risk management.

Whether your company plans one business trip a year or has hundreds of travelers in the air at any given moment, both a duty of care policy and a travel risk management plan are crucial to companies of any size. Unfortunately, with the growing number of risks and dangers present today both domestically and internationally, it’s not about if you’ll need to use them, it’s about when.

How can a Travel Management Company Help?

From GPS tracking of all travelers to documenting detailed plans for every type of crisis situation, a TMC partners with risk management companies to equip clients with the tools and solutions they need to effectively manage risk.

Does your company have both a duty of care policy and a travel risk management plan in place? If not, protect your employees and your business by giving us a call.

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