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Save Time: Use a Travel Agent

- September 24, 2018

You know that a travel agent can save you money but have you ever thought about the significant amount of time one can save you in addition to stretching your dollars? Often,…


Date Destination: Cleveland, Ohio

- September 10, 2018

Cleveland is more of a destination city than ever! If you’ve decided to make a weekend trip here with your significant other or you’re looking to relax with a ‘staycation,’ squeeze every…


Travel Agents Save Consumers Hundreds

- May 10, 2016

It seems easy, right? Jump on your computer, open a browser and spend a few minutes on Expedia, Orbitz or one of the many other travel sites available, and bam! You’ve planned…


Home for the Holidays: What to Do if Your Holiday Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

- December 15, 2015

Whether it’s caused by a storm, issues with the plane or something else, flight delays and cancellations do happen — especially around the holidays. Check out our tips to be prepared in…


8 U.S. Cities for History Buffs

- December 1, 2015

In the United States, we are surrounded by history. With preserved landmarks at every corner, historical monuments and top-rated museums, these 8 cities top our list of historic destinations in the U.S….


Travel Hack: Early Winter Travel

- November 16, 2015

Sure plenty of people travel during the holidays. But, what about the time between holidays? The weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas are a major downtime for the travel industry. What does…


6 U.S. Cities for Solo Travelers

- November 3, 2015

Someone once said that traveling alone is the best gift you can give yourself. While solo travel may once have been considered a faux pas, it’s now more popular than ever and…


Planning a Holiday Vacation

- October 12, 2015

The kids are off school, work tends to be slower and there are deals on all kinds of trips – what better time to travel than the holidays? Check out these ideas…


7 U.S. Cities for Shoppers

- October 6, 2015

Do you love to shop ‘til you drop? Check out these 7 U.S. cities that would make perfect destinations for fashionistas everywhere. Bloomington, Minnesota Home to the largest mall in the U.S.,…


Why You Should Definitely Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Vacation

- September 8, 2015

Most people use a travel agent when vacationing with a large group or when going on a honeymoon. But, did you know that travel agents can help with nearly any vacation of…


7 U.S. Cities for Sports Fans

- September 2, 2015

If you live for the first tipoff of the year and don’t get up from the couch on Sundays in the fall, this list is for you. We’ve rounded up our favorite…


Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

- August 11, 2015

People who travel alone describe the experience as liberating and free. You get to do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go, eat whatever and whenever you want…