Why Use a Travel Management Company?

Travel is the second- or third-highest (and most controllable!) expense a company has, and that kind of expense shouldn’t be taken lightly. Potential clients often ask us to tell them why they should use a travel management company and, sometimes, if they should even use one at all. Our answer is always a resounding “Yes!” Here are the top reasons why.

Plan your travel budget…and stay on top of it

A travel management company can work with you to effectively prepare and manage your corporate travel budget each year. We also keep you on track with regular check-ins, adjusting as necessary to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the year.

Time savings

We don’t know many business owners that have extra time to coordinate their employees travel on top of everything else they do. As we like to say, “Managing travel is our business. It shouldn’t have to be yours.” And we mean it! We are experts in this industry and can manage travel with more efficiency than most people can on their own. Hiring us saves our clients time, allowing them to focus on their business’ bottom line.

Money savings

When working with us, clients often see their travel expenditures reduced by up to 20% which can mean a 3% increase on their bottom line. How do we do this? We negotiate contracts on your behalf and foster relationships with your preferred vendors, including hotels, rental car companies and airlines, to ensure you’re always getting the best rates. We are also able to manage your frequent traveler rewards and ensure your unused tickets don’t go to waste, all of which contributes to your overall savings.

Additionally, while it may be tempting to allow your employees to book travel on their own, it will cost you. A travel management company is able to streamline and standardize this process, taking the burden off of your employees and saving you money at the same time.

Expense management

Managing expenses that are incurred before, during and after a business trip is no small feat, especially when you have multiple employees traveling at the same time. A travel management company makes it simple. With easy-to-use software and reporting tools, you are able to maintain full control over your employee spending while traveling, improving your performance and reducing costs.    

Duty of care

Whether you have one employee traveling at a time or hundreds, it’s your duty as their employer to do everything possible to keep them safe while they are on the road. We partner with risk management companies to ensure our clients are always alerted if their travelers are in harm’s way. We stay on top of weather, diseases, current events and more so you don’t have to worry!

Policy management

A well-thought-out and continuously updated travel policy is key to a successful corporate travel program. A travel policy allows you to effectively communicate guidelines to employees: preferred vendors, what and how much to expense, what to do in case of an emergency and more. A travel management company can help you craft this message and ensure that the policies you put in place are diligently followed.

Unused tickets

Unused tickets can be a source of frustration and money loss for many companies. It can be difficult (or even impossible) for an individual to effectively reapply an unused ticket. A travel management company, however, does have this ability. We work with the airline to ensure the original traveler, or a different one, is able to use the ticket before it expires.

Point management

Depending on travel spend, it’s possible for a company to save upwards of $100,000 each year by taking advantage of frequent flyer programs. The only problem? Most companies don’t have time, or know how, to manage this facet of their business travel effectively. That’s where we come in. We manage your points and rewards with every vendor, ensuring that you’re using them in a way that allows you to receive the maximum benefit.

Rebooking assistance

When a meeting gets cancelled or someone gets sick, a travel management team is there to pick up the pieces. We can reschedule a trip and do all the necessary legwork to get everything rebooked as quickly as possible.

But wait…there’s more

In addition to managing every aspect of your company’s travel, we can coordinate off-site meetings, group travel, incentive trips and even vacations for your employees. There’s not much we can’t do—just ask!

Let us help you take control of your business travel. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide!