The BCD Affiliate Story

Why Use Professional Travel and BCD Travel as Your Company’s Global Travel Management Solution?

Multinational companies often hold the belief that only one of a few “mega” travel agencies can support their global operations. They require globally-supported services that they feel only “mega” agencies can provide, such as reporting, live agent services, risk management, supplier negotiations, online booking and cost savings.

Yet, many global travel managers who select a “mega agency” discover that it often means sacrificing the flexible solutions, quick response times, and personal customer service they once knew and loved with a smaller, regional travel management provider. They may also find out that the global solutions they signed up for are not on one service platform and are not performed by one global travel management entity.

Understanding this problem, BCD Travel realized that mid-market US-based customers would be better served with a US-based ground operation. Rather than making a large investment in US ground operations themselves, BCD Travel chose to hand-select the best-in-class TMCs that already existed in the US and bring the worldwide BCD Travel network, services, and reporting to them through the formation of their Affiliate network.


Doing this created a seamless and immediate global solution for mid-market companies and allowed BCD Travel to focus their US corporate operations on large market companies. The strategy proved to be successful: BCD Travel’s US Affiliate network propelled them to become the globally dominant player they are today.

Since BCD Affiliates are able to utilize all of the BCD Travel worldwide solutions, the mid-market customer can now receive the customized, flexible, white-glove services and account management that the other “mega” agencies lacked, giving BCD Affiliate customers the best mid-market solution possible: A globally dominant TMC partner with a local service appeal.