Our Travel Management Technology

At Professional Travel, we place great emphasis on technology because we know it is another essential building block for effective travel management. As just one example of our commitment to our clients in this area, we support not one, but three, reservation systems!

Using technology [“to the max,”] we have eliminated the need for our agents to perform manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This has resulted in huge cost reductions that translate into efficiencies that save our clients money.

Our agents use our reservation systems to routinely check, with every reservation request, over 400 airlines (including Southwest), 30,000 hotels and 25 different car rental companies. We also search for “web specials” as a matter of routine. And, every record is put through a rigorous automated process encompassing over 150 quality control checks.

Professional Travel utilizes dozens of different state-of-the-art software solutions to provide our clients with a host of innovative booking, accounting and reporting options. All are customizable.

Online Booking Tool

Our multi-platform tools allow your organization’s travelers to make reservations via the Internet from anywhere in the world, any time, day or night. They can access, in real-time, air schedules and fares and car and hotel rates. They can even browse destination information or view graphical seat maps to select their own airline seats. Best of all, all of the arrangements they make are in compliance with your organization’s travel policies.

Quality assurance

Agency Technologies is the premier quality control software program available in the travel industry today, automating hundreds of time-consuming and costly aspects of the reservation and ticketing management process. Agency Technologies continuously checks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for items such as waitlist clearance, better routings, frequent flyer upgrade clearance and fare decreases. With Professional Travel, you never have to worry about paying too high a fare. If a rate goes down, we automatically reissue your ticket.

Agency Technologies will also track refunds to which you might be entitled from the cancellation of airline reservations made electronically. This feature, alone, can save you thousands of dollars by alerting us of reservations that were never utilized.

Management reporting

iBank is a comprehensive Internet-based reporting system that provides clients with on-demand access to their travel information and data from all trips taken or planned, anywhere throughout the world. With over 120 standard reports and a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports, you will be able to capture and analyze your entire travel spend, all booking activity, supplier usage and travel policy adherence.

Benchmarking tools

Travel CIO provides our clients with real-time, in-depth benchmarking data to help measure how well their travel policy performs when measured against the largest database of companies in the industry. Travel CIO effectively serves as a report card to help you instantly analyze your corporate travel ROI and score your organization’s performance on a myriad of Key Performance Indicators. Armed with this invaluable information and a user-friendly Dashboard that makes identifying issues and opportunities easy, you can continuously make policy and compliance improvements to impact your bottom line.

Group travel system

Travel GEM is a state-of-the-art software program that provides an entire suite of online tools specifically designed to help companies organize group and meeting events while also managing costs. From online registration via customized client sites, to producing rooming lists, passenger manifests and event attendance, TravelGEM also provides complete expense reconciliation.