Why Professional Travel?

Our core strengths:  Service.  Savings.  Solutions.

Professional Travel is a values-based company with strong corporate character. Our mission is to help our clients minimize and manage the cost of their travel while enhancing their travel experience. Our entire team is passionately focused on delivering on that promise. It is why we exist.


We are a group of diverse, dedicated and highly talented travel professionals, and quite simply, the service we provide sets the standard for the travel industry. Our service commitment begins with our executives, all of whom are hands-on and accessible 24/7.

We assign each client a dedicated account manager as well as its own team of travel consultants. We even offer VIP services for those who seek extraordinary care beyond the scope of our already high normal level of service. Everyone on our team has a profound understanding of the expectations of our customers and we all work together to exceed them.


One way to increase profits is to reduce costs. And because travel and entertainment expenses represent the second largest controllable expense for most organizations, there is a lot of opportunity for cost savings without impinging upon the comfort and convenience of travelers. Often, we are able to reduce these expenditures by up to 20%, which statistically translates into a 3% increase on the bottom line!

In truth, most organizations don’t take the time or have the expertise to focus on these opportunities. We do. From our initial assessment of our clients’ current travel spend to making travel policy recommendations and renegotiating supplier contracts, we KNOW we can contribute to an organization’s bottom line.


We understand that businesses and associations no longer want to talk with salespeople who “promise the moon” but rarely deliver on their promises. Plain and simple, you want intelligent solutions — and this is what we’ll provide. Anything we ever recommend will be based upon your requirements and our findings. The net result: more effective travel procurement.

Many travel companies today mistakenly tout the features of their technology as if they represent every solution to every problem. At Professional Travel, we have all the state-of-the-art tools our competitors have, sometimes more. BUT, we view technology as a means to an end, and not the end itself.  It’s people who create opportunities, offer solutions and solve problems.