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Hungry while Traveling? Get Food (and More) Delivered Right to your Gate

businesspeople on phone at airport
Monday, April 23, 2018   Written by:

From charging and technology stations to yoga rooms and workout facilities, we’ve seen airports evolve over the years to adapt to traveler needs and desires. Whether it’s to stay close to a power source or for fear that they might miss a gate change or delay announcement, one growing trend in airports is that once […]

How to Encourage Employee Travel Policy Compliance

Monday, April 9, 2018   Written by:

Your company has a travel policy in place for a reason. Among other benefits, the right guidelines will keep employees safe on the road while saving your company time and money.  Oftentimes, employees fall victim to the assumption that they can find better pricing on their own or they just aren’t aware of the company’s […]

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management: What’s the Difference?

Monday, March 26, 2018   Written by:

Duty of care and travel risk management are two terms that are often used interchangeably. While they are related, and rely on each other to function, they mean different things. As an employer, you have a legal and moral responsibility to alert your employees of any issue or danger that could affect them while traveling […]

What Travel Booking Websites Don’t Tell You

man booking travel
Monday, March 12, 2018   Written by:

It’s a common misconception that booking hotels, rental cars and airfare for business travel (or any type of travel!) through a travel website will save you time and money. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. From hidden fees to impossible cancellation policies, discover what these websites aren’t telling you. Questionable Tactics Travel booking […]

Are your Business Travelers Happy? Managing and Maintaining Their Satisfaction

Monday, February 26, 2018   Written by:

Though traveling often may sound luxurious, those who are required to take frequent business trips may beg to differ. If you employ business travelers, ensuring their happiness is crucial to your company’s success. Read on for some tips for measuring and maintaining business traveler satisfaction. How to gauge business traveler satisfaction Surveying your business travelers […]

Allowing Business Travelers to Book with Airbnb? You could be Breaking the Law!

Monday, February 12, 2018   Written by:

As an employer, it’s not only your duty to keep your employees safe, it’s the law. While Airbnb may seem like a reliable accommodation, we’re here to deliver some news . . . it’s not! Read on to discover why you should never be utilizing Airbnb for business travel. Got 10 minutes? You could become […]

Hosting Out of Town Business Travelers? Keep These Tips in Mind

Monday, January 29, 2018   Written by:

Having business travelers visit can be a valuable way to network and get important business done. Whether you are hosting out of town clients or coworkers who work in a different office, there are plenty of ways to make your guests feel welcome. Ask your guests their preferences Once you know that you’ll be hosting […]

Five Tips to Help you get through Customs Faster

Monday, January 15, 2018   Written by:

If you travel frequently, you know how frustrating a long customs line can be after an even longer flight. Use these tips to ensure your customs inspection is quick and easy. Mobile Passport app Launched in 2014, Mobile Passport was the first app authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). If you are an […]

Ensuring Your Corporate Travel Program Thrives in 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018   Written by:

Happy New Year! Follow these simple steps to ensure that your company’s travel program remains healthy and successful in 2018. Review the last year First things first, you’ll want to take a good, hard look at 2017. Evaluate your travel partners, costs and how business travel affected the company over the past year. Look for […]

Top Airlines Ban Smart Luggage

smart luggage
Monday, December 18, 2017   Written by:

If “smart luggage” is on your holiday gift list this year, you may want to think twice. While technology has afforded us with conveniences we could have only dreamt of 25 years ago, it also poses challenges and hazards that require a careful amount of consideration. Smart luggage, for example, oftentimes features a lithium ion […]