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6 Ways to Keep Busy on a Long Flight

in flight activities
Monday, June 19, 2017   Written by:

Whether you’re traveling across the country or internationally, long flights can be a bit of a drag. Keep busy and beat boredom on your next long flight with these ideas from Professional Travel! Listen to podcasts If you’re looking for something other than music to listen to, podcasts are extremely popular right now. Whether you’re […]

Ways to Spend Your Downtime on Your Next International Business Trip

business travel downtime
Monday, June 5, 2017   Written by:

International business travel doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Instead of checking emails or making calls during your downtime, consider some of these ideas to help you relax, unwind and enjoy your destination! See the sights Depending on where you’re traveling, you may never have the opportunity to go back. Take some […]

Passport Safety: Protecting your RFID Passport (and Credit Cards) from Scammers

Monday, May 22, 2017   Written by:

Passports and credit cards now use something called RFID technology, making it faster and easier to swipe and go. However, this technology comes with its fair share of risks as RFID chips are prone to wireless identity theft. Although there have been a number of measures taken in an attempt to reduce these types of […]

Traveling to the Same Place Week After Week? Tips for Making Your Road Warrior Lifestyle Feel Comfortable

road warrior
Monday, May 8, 2017   Written by:

Whether you’re in consulting, accounting or another profession that requires you to travel each week to the same location for a project or to visit a client site, you know it can get a little (or a lot) . . . repetitive. Read on for some of our tips to make your on-the-go, road warrior […]

What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? Why You Should Never Throw One Away!

boarding passes
Monday, April 24, 2017   Written by:

Once you use a boarding pass to board the plane, no need to worry about your boarding pass, right? Some leave it in the seat pocket in front of them on the plane, others stuff it into their carry-on bag and some throw it out as soon as they get into the terminal. Before tossing […]

Tips for Effortlessly Getting Through Airport Baggage Claim

Monday, April 10, 2017   Written by:

Baggage claim. It’s never anyone’s favorite part of traveling and to be honest, the best way to avoid issues is to not use it at all. If your trip is short enough, pack light and don’t check a bag. If that isn’t feasible (which we realize that sometimes it isn’t!), read on and use these […]

Working with Professional Travel: What to Expect

business professional using phone
Monday, March 27, 2017   Written by:

We’ve discussed what to look for in a travel management company and the benefits of partnering with one, but today, we want to give you a little insight into what it’s like to work with Professional Travel to meet your business travel needs. We are proud to offer a completely customized approach focusing on customer […]

Working with a Travel Management Company: Finding the Right One

Monday, March 13, 2017   Written by:

Taking the first step The first step in working with a travel management company (TMC) is to decide that, well, you need a travel management company. If you’ve always handled travel in-house, ask yourself: are you sure you’re getting the maximum amount of savings, leveraging preferred vendors and strategically negotiating contracts? Do you have all […]

Packing Basics: Never put these 14 Things in your Checked Bag

packing a suitcase
Monday, February 27, 2017   Written by:

You know there are certain things you shouldn’t pack in your carry-on (liquids over 3.4 ounces, sharp objects, etc.) but did you know there are also things you should never pack in your checked bag? See our list below and let us know in the comments section if any of them surprise you! Medicine Maintaining […]

Choosing the Best Rental Car for your Next Business Trip

car rental sign
Monday, February 13, 2017   Written by:

Your next business trip is coming up. You have your meetings scheduled and your flight booked. You know where you’re staying and might have even picked out a restaurant or two to try during your downtime. Next up? Booking a rental car. Ensure you choose the right vehicle for your needs with our quick and […]