Travel Agency Testimonials & Reviews

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

My company aligned with Professional Travel and Concur as partners in managing our corporate travel several months ago. At the time I expected efficiencies and better management of our travel expense — we’ve seen both. We’ve also found that we have a partner in Professional Travel that understands our company and culture. I personally witnessed that recently when a member of our team ran into trouble while vacationing in Europe with family. His mother fell and broke her femur, and was hospitalized for a week following surgery. They would now be flying back out of a different city than originally planned, on a later and yet-to-be identified date. 

Professional Travel went above and beyond taking the burden of changing plans off our employee and working directly with the airline to facilitate changes in schedule and an upgrade so they could travel comfortably on their trip back to the states. Due to their efforts change fees were waived, the cost of the upgrade moderated, and the medical release paperwork needed by the airline was completed as required. Our traveler was so appreciative that we were able to remove the stress of making alternative arrangements and allow him to concentrate on getting his mother back on her feet and out of the hospital. I was extremely impressed, the professional and caring service he and I experienced from Professional Travel was priceless. 

Cindy Gorman - Meister Media Worldwide Vice President, Director of Human Resources

"Please pass along my thanks to Lynn for your exceptional service and also to you and your team, there has clearly been a positive move in service levels noticed by our top travelers. I spoke to someone in CLE recently and asked how things were going, he said – ‘Fantastic!’ totally different experience from past practice. Again, thanks to you and your team for the support provided to our travelers."

Nigel Adams Chief Talent Officer

"I recently was in San Francisco with family on vacation and had flights cancelled due to the plane crash. My daughter has an immune system deficiency and needed to get home for a treatment. The rescheduled flight could not accommodate her treatment so I called Pro Travel looking for help. Janet listened to my situation and searched for an alternative and found one that I could not on my own. She was caring and professional and is an asset to your company. I asked her for the email of her manager so I could express my gratitude and compliment her extra effort on my family’s behalf. Thank you Janet."

Brian E. Dean, CFA, CPA Executive Vice President

“We had a situation on Monday where one of our travelers had sent Delta a voucher to apply towards his trip. After he mailed it, he realized that it was sent in error and he would be out because he had no idea where the voucher ended up. He called Professional Travel/Brooke and advised us of the lost voucher. Most agents and agencies would normally have told him that it was gone and there would be no way to track it down. But, not Protrav. Your International Department immediately called their contact at Delta's call center in Minneapolis, explained the situation and had our contact search for the voucher in their mailroom. She found it too! By finding this voucher, your international department and Brooke ended up saving our traveler $670.00.”

Bette Bertke

“The San Francisco 49ers are extremely pleased with Professional Travel and their services. Our travelers are always the number one priority with the agency; and our primary agent, Lulu Murphy, goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

Hillary Heuermann Contract Administrator

“I want to pass on my sincere appreciation and thanks to Carolyn for helping me with a prolonged travel issue that I was experiencing. In short, I could no longer check in on line and was forced to go to the ticket counter to check in. Very time consuming and frustrating to say the least and even worse, nobody could figure out why. I sought help from several people and even Airlines, but without success. It was Carolyn who took an interest in my problem and provided me with outstanding support and was able to help me resolve my issue. I have been successful with checking in on line ever since Carolyn’s personal interest and professionalism in resolving this issue. It is this kind of service that Differentiates Outstanding Organizations from average organizations!”

Michael A. Hall Southwest Region Manager

“Our 2 founders flew out to Pebble Beach yesterday for 2 rounds of golf and their flights got screwed up due to delays and got stuck in LA last night. He called the 24 hour number you provided and said the customer service could not have been better. The person that helped them out was Pam. If you could please forward on our appreciation. When we have 300 locations open I will take you to Pebble Beach for a round!!”

Patrick Tierney Controller

“I do have some praise: Jill went over & above to help me change a flight a week ago (Minneapolis to San Diego) to depart ahead of bad weather. She worked on it for almost an hour, called me to confirm the change. She got the flight changed on short notice, without a penalty or change fee. She then called me the next day while in transit to confirm the arrangements were satisfactory = I wish we treated our customers this well! I avoided a snowstorm, got home several hours earlier, and was treated very well by Jill.”

Steve Pruett National Account Director, Textile

“Carrie, there are certain people in my life that are very special and you are one of them. Thank you always for all of your help and your great disposition. I'm sure you get a lot of kudos and you well deserve all of them. You are one person I shall never forget in my lifetime.”

Jane Knowles Med Specialties Cluster

“I just want you to know I haven’t traveled in years … and I used Susanna to help me book 2 upcoming trips for tax training. She was so very help and kind. So I just needed to say thank you to you for having these professionals around.”

Paula Norris

“Jackie and Brenda, I wanted to pass this email along to both of you. It was a pleasure dealing with Donna Tijanic she went above and beyond to help me out with a problem that I was having with a reservation. I feel that too many times people complain when things go wrong but yet they fail to acknowledge someone when they have done an excellent job. I wanted to make sure that Donna and the two of you know how much she is appreciated. I look forward to working with her in future. As I told Donna, she is truly an asset to your company.”

Dottie Brown

“I just wanted to pass along some outstanding service I received from Sharon on last minute travel arrangements. She stayed with me until a solution was determined to get me to Seattle when all flights were booked. And then got me waited listed which got me on a direct flight and saved me a 3 ½ hour drive. In this day when everyone is in such a hurry to find a quick fix, it is great to see that people do care (in this case Sharon) and I wanted to let you know of her outstanding customer care!”

Mike Cameron

“I wanted to let you know that when I call your office to book travel for my Walmart Team, your team of gals are always so helpful & so very nice. I usually work with Carol, Donna, & Mary. They are a true joy to work with!”

Micki Taft

“I just wanted to pass along a great experience I had working with Rita in International. She was very kind in helping me to adjust international travel last week. It was a complicated itinerary, and she took time going through each leg of the trip to ensure we had the correct flights. I appreciated her patience (her computer lost the trip while we were working on it so we had to start over again) and her attention to detail.”

Liz Simon Project Coordinator

“I wanted to let you know about my exceptional experience with one of your team members – Karelle. She completely turned a frustrating situation into a good one within a few phone calls. In addition to calming my nerves she saved me money which of course I appreciate. Truly – I am very pleased with the service I received and wanted to acknowledge that to the organization. Thanks for the support and keep up the good work. Thanks.”

Richard R. Geiger

“On behalf of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, I would like to thank you and your staff at Professional Travel for their assistance with our 15th Annual American Music Masters series. As always, your staff was an absolute pleasure to work with and, as always, they go above and beyond in all areas! We’ve received tremendous feedback from many people, including the other artists on the bill!”

John Goehrke Education Coordinator

“I appreciate the great work and extreme professionalism Professional Travel extends to me and my other traveling colleagues. I know I may pay a little more, but when travel problems occur, I also know I will get the service I expect and a solution to my problem.”

Rick Schultz President & CEO

“Professional Travel has been the travel management partner for the Cleveland Indians for many years. As a major sports organization, our travel needs are very diverse and demanding. Their team of resources consistently delivers first class customer service to us as well as assistance in identifying cost and time saving solutions. In addition, their executive management team is in constant contact with us to strategize innovative solutions to maximize our travel spend, while increasing the service to our entire organization including players, scouts, families, and team management. I would endorse Professional Travel to any company looking to integrate a cost effective, centralized travel management process."

Francine D. Sommers Risk Management and Travel Administration

“Our company would like to endorse Professional Travel for proactively managing our Airline Business Programs and our unused non-refundable ticket inventory. These programs have saved us tens of thousands of dollars this year. I would recommend your company to any other business that needs to improve their managed travel processes and reduce core travel costs.”

Karen Demma Manager of Human Resources

“Anita, I cannot thank you enough for the INCREDIBLE service you have provided over the last 36 hours. I had a family emergency that required my IMMEDIATE presence in Phoenix. The speed, efficiency and professionalism with which you responded to my urgent requirement was nothing short of astounding. It also appears as if you were able to make these last moment changes without ANY financial consequence to me! I will ever forget this. You have my deepest appreciation.”

Alan Lipp

“I have been with my company for just about 12 years and in that time I have had the distinct pleasure to work with one of your employees, Susanna Clapp. She has always been such a huge help to me. Making travel plans for executives can be a challenge sometimes and I know that when I call her, she is going to be able to answer my questions and or concerns without blinking an eye. She has always been able to assist me when I needed her most and when I wasn’t quite sure how to handle things, she has always come through. I’m afraid sometimes I can be quite a pain when I need things done quickly. This has never been an issue with Susanna; she’s there with a smile and the knowledge I need. She is a true professional and I feel I should always show those that put in that “extra mile” the appreciation they deserve. We are both very lucky to have her on our teams.”

Juanita Jaillet Administrative Assistant to Sr. Director Presales Technical Consulting

“Everyone I have ever spoken with at Professional Travel has always been helpful. At the beginning of my travels, or in the middle of a trip, when needing to re-arrange travels, all the agents have been helpful, and understanding. I have never felt anything but satisfaction from my dealings with any of the agents at Professional Travel.”

Burt Dubois

“I wanted to thank you for working with Rosanne Sharrone to get me back home from Paris. As you can imagine, when you’re stranded and don’t have ease of access to communications and are being told of delays, you feel totally out of control of the situation. It was very comforting to know that you and Rosanne were working this with a high sense of urgency. I appreciate everything you did, including working late into the evening hours, giving up your personal time to provide this service to me. Thanks again.”

Gloria L. Smith Senior Director, Worldwide Human Resources

“I was on a United flight departing from Honolulu when the take-off was aborted due to engine trouble. With over 300 people on board, needless to say, there were many people who were going to have to rebook their travel…The woman sitting next to me on the plane was thoroughly frustrated with United’s customer service and was one of those who were going to be in Honolulu for extended days…Not only was I able to get booked ahead of the throngs of the others because of (Professional Travel’s) quick actions, but she also secured the first class seating I had requested.”

Michael Anthony Chairman, President, CEO

“This is the second time in a matter of months that your after-hours service has come to the rescue for me.”

Michael Anthony Chairman, President, CEO

"I get the question often, ‘why do we use Professional Travel when I can book the same flight directly from the airlines’? The events that took place in Boston yesterday and the aftermath is a primary example. If I remember correctly the first explosion was shortly before 3:00, within a couple hours I received the following message:

As a follow-up to our previous Special Alert for Boston, MA, we have reviewed all of our travel records and have determined that no travelers from your company have traveled via Professional Travel to the Boston Area and are present in that area at this time.  Thank you for your continued support and use of Professional Travel as your travel partner. We will continually update and provide any additional information that becomes available."

Anonymous Client

"My daughter was in Punta Cana and got really sick.  She was taken to a local clinic and her boyfriend's phone died so we couldn't get a hold of her. We were extremely nervous so I called Evelyn at Professional Travel. She made some calls to her contacts in the area and found out exactly where my daughter was. This blew my mind. A lot of people book vacations online on their own and I would really urge them to go through a travel agent.

Another tip - get travel insurance. They don't take typical insurance plans in other countries and so you have to put the expenses on a credit card and then get reimbursed when you get back. The trip insurance will pay for what isn't covered. In this case, it saved me a ton of money."

Ed "Flash" Ferenc

“Yesterday evening, Eric received a text message that his 6:50 am USAir flight had been changed and they put him on another flight, then it changed again and the automatic rescheduling put him on a very late flight.   He called me for help.   I called ProTrav and rang through to Team 5.  I had to wait a little while, but it wasn’t bad at all.   I then got Carrie Bennet.  I told her I couldn’t remember my Team number so I apologized if Team 5 wasn’t correct.   She was so pleasant and said she could absolutely help me - they all pitch in when they can.   I explained the situation and she quickly got Eric on another flight (with United) that more closely matched what he had originally been on with USAir.  She said she’d call USAir after we hung up.   He was so pleased, and I was really glad that I didn’t have to spend so much time holding because I knew if I couldn’t get him on something in the morning, I would also have to call Company Car to advise the driver (the domino effectJ).  Carrie told me that she normally works during the day but was working Weds evenings to help out since it’s been so busy.   I did thank her because she not only took care of me quickly, but she was really pleasant.  Just thought you should know!”

“Thank you again for everything. Not only do I appreciate the outcome, but the fact that you were willing to review your own phone records on my behalf tells me that you are showing superior customer service.  And lastly, your firm also has a strong sense of ethics and wanting to do the right thing. Others may not have been so honest. Thank you for that.”

David Krantz

“I have nothing but great things to say about your agents.  Look at the last trip that was scheduled for James and the various changes I had to make.  Your agents were exceptional in assist on me each time I called.  I truly appreciate their professionalism in handling all of my changes and questions.  With the Concur reports I commend Teresa and her team for insuring that I get the reports with the info I need.  I had pulled down a travel report and it did not give me the monetary value for each trip, so I spoke with a person on Teresa's team and in less than 45 minutes she had provided me with the requested report.  I am quite happy at this time with all of the services provided.  I do hope that by the end of June we will be looking at rolling out in other sites.”

Vicki Weston Executive Assistant/Travel Manager

“Hi Tom and JV, I just wanted to take a minute while it was still on my mind to tell you both, what a wonderful asset Bill Monica has been to us.  We have never had anyone follow up on our account to the level that Bill has.  His administration of our Frequent Traveler Program has been excellent.  It took it upon himself to notify a traveler (Dan by the way) of miles he would be missing out on because his numbers were not in his profile.  I wanted you both to know how much I, we appreciate his attention to detail.”

Adele David Human Resources Dept.

“I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service that you have provided to me for the past two international bookings.  It’s obvious that you know what you are doing and I really appreciate you trying all of the different scenarios to get the lowest fares and best schedules for us.”

Debra A. Frazier Purchasing Agent – Travel & Expense Admin

“This letter is being sent to you to commend and recognize Monica Robson, for her excellent customer service!  I have spoken with her numerous times and have always found her to be efficient, prompt and extremely polite in all of our business dealings. She is always willing to go the extra mile (both day and night) in order to fulfill our company’s needs.  If anyone can do it, I truly know Monica to get the job done every time I have presented a difficult flight itinerary!  The team we have been assigned all do a great job, but nothing surpasses that which Monica does for our company, making me happy and satisfied because my boss is happy and satisfied.  I would appreciate if you would take a few moments of your time to recognize Monica, on her excellent work!  Thank you very much for taking the time to review this correspondence.”

Jan Knight Administrator

“Thanks for your help.  By the way, I usually deal with Susanna Clapp and must send kudos on her behalf.  She is wonderful - a lifesaver - always cheerful and professional - and always willing to answer the questions that I really should know the answers to by now.  My dependence on her also means that I know everything will go smoothly.”

Katie Wright Executive Assistant

“I just want to relay to you how delightful it is working with Mary.  Today, alone,  I have been in touch with her several times over an itinerary.  She is most helpful, offers alternatives, calls to follow-up, always courteous.   It is a real pleasure working with her.  Thought you would like to know!  Thank you .”   

Sandy Watkins Executive Assistant

“I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with Janet’s service that she gives to our company.  She is always pleasant to work with and is efficient with her responses to me.”

Vera Blackmer Receptionist

“I want to take a minute to commend two great employees to you.   Erin  Schuler and Judy Delgado.  Our department employees must attend meetings in OH, PA and NJ.   Sometimes the meetings are planned in advance and are held as scheduled.  Often, though, the meetings are either arranged  or rescheduled at the last minute.   These two ladies are always up for the challenge.    Erin and Judy have great customer service skills and continually put them to work for us.”

Diane Sullivan, CPS/CAP Executive Assistant, Director

“I can’t tell you ENOUGH how much I appreciate the help that Patricia gave us today on a problem with Rob Samko’s ticket.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out, by getting Rob to Panama City 8hours sooner than the airline wanted to do, she saved us thousands of dollars with our customer in Panama City.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Karen Gallagher

“I truly appreciate your help with this matter and your willingness to take care of it for Phil.  It is nice to work with you because I know my problems will be solved in a timely manner.  You are truly an asset to ProTravel.  I look forward to working with you again.  Thanks.”

Dottie Brown

“I have never written an e-mail about someone's employees.. but I felt I needed to in this instance. Recently, I called Pro Travel to help me set up travel arrangements for some employees. I had absolutely no idea what to do other than call your company. I had the greatest luck in getting to speak with Erin Schuler. She walked me through all of the steps, went out of her way to help with a hotel that was not direct billed to our company and was very helpful in every regard. She has a patient and pleasant demeanor. She made a job I dreaded a very pleasant experience! Thanks!”

Dean Michaels Supervisor

“The service provided by Anita at ProTravel was wonderful.  She stayed in contact with me throughout the day on the status of Pete and Patrick's flight and delay.  She had regular contact with the airlines seeking updates on the status of departure and because she couldn't get a confirmation from the airlines as to the flight schedule, she made the decision to hold seats on the flight departing the following day as a back up.  It was a good thing too, within 2 hours of her and I working together all seats but 3 were booked! I was very pleased with the quality of service provided and the responsiveness.  She did an exceptional job in seeing that Pete and Patrick were taken care of!”

Laura Buckholz Executive Assistant

“I just want you to know that I love our travel provider!  They are so very helpful and always put a smile on my face.  See how Linda replied to my thank you?  I love it.  Please don’t ever change."

C.D. Jones Senior Field Application Specialist

“Thanks to Allison Kulka. Allison did an outstanding job organizing this trip (tickets, hotel, driving directions, etc.) and just wanted someone in management to be aware of the great customer service she provided to make this an enjoyable and organized road trip for the Scully clan”

Glynis Gohegan Executive Administrator

“Pam, You are a gem!  I am greatly appreciating the prompt attention and willingness to meet our expectations.  The girls here on our executive floor are very happy with the great customer service you are providing.  Thanks again!”

Carol Turner

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that this week I was traveling again and of course weather and maintenance issues on planes was crazy and I had two people from ProTravel – Janet Horvath and Karen Jaisen help me and they were so helpful in giving me suggestions and then booking rental cars and emailing me while I was traveling.  It was appreciated to have that kind of help.”

Laura Karban Associate Product Manager

“Thanks to Kathy for sticking around for me last night and helping us to get Pam on standby for another flight between CO and UA.  Her original flight was delayed by more than 2 hours so it’s great that we were able to get her on that flight!  Thanks for the help Kathy!”

Alisa A. Alfaro

“Thank you for helping us with our last minute travel changes on Tuesday, especially since it is at the end of your day, Debbie. You always go out of your way for us and we really appreciate it.  Much thanks!"

Ryan, Mike & JC

“I want to give some direct feedback for services rendered by our travel agents. I have worked with Rita Weyls in the past, and also for my upcoming China trip. She is a marvel on a consistent basis! She listens, communicates effectively, knowledgeable, remains patient while intricacies are ironed out, is thorough, approachable and prompt with my requests. In this case we had to go  back and forth many times as we had to coordinate the schedule with many folks and with my external stake holders. During the entire process she was radiating her professional behavior with great patience, which I certainly appreciate tremendously.”

Saswati Raybaruah Travel Manager America

“Susanna, I just wanted to thank you again for all of the arrangements you made for my trip to Akron this week.  I arrived home last night after a brief flight delay in Chicago and everything went off without a hitch.  The people at the Holiday Inn that you booked for me were especially nice and the entire stay in Akron was really enjoyable!  Your directions from the airport to the Holiday Inn were surely appreciated as well!  We certainly made the right choice in selecting your travel company.”

Duane Hudelson

“I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for Bill Monica.  He has been doing a tremendous job, trying to save costs, being proactive and his willingness to help.  I had very similar feedback from our travelers and we are all glad that he is a part of our team.  Thanks again!!"

Saswati Raybaruah Travel Manager America

“A Big Thank You to Marcia... I have bombarded Marcia over the last few days, especially today.  I wanted you to be aware of her attentiveness and sense of humor through all of it.  It’s a pleasure to work with her!”

Kendall Travis Sales Operations

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation and give some deserved recognition to Judy Delgado.  Judy was very helpful in resolving an issue I encountered concerning credit for frequent flyer miles after I had taken an international flight.  I was very impressed with the quality, dedication, and professionalism of Judy in helping me resolve this issue. I was also pleasantly surprised by the timely updates which Judy provided throughout the process.   Through Judy's hard work and determination, the issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction.  I very much appreciate Judy taking the time to resolve this issue.”

Raymond J. Wilcosky Supplier Quality Unit

“Nancy and Debbie, thank you both for the efforts put forth in pre-planning our event today.  On flight home late and customers are sleeping as we get in after midnight. It was an awesome day. Logistics were Great!!! Car, hotel and dinner worked out very well. The day went by fast. Liz and Joan were very impressed with the content and flow of information through the Day. Great job and thank you both again for making all the hospitality arrangements.”

Paul Rogenski Account Executive

“I wanted to send a long a huge thank you regarding Kim Wright.  She called me earlier today regarding one of our UK employees who was to be traveling home today. Due to the weather conditions in London, Heathrow had closed and the flight was cancelled.

In speaking to Kim about the one traveler, I said there was another UK employee who was also traveling home today.  She was unaware of this as United had only called her regarding the one fellow.  The cancellation and minimal flights to work with brought concern for our employees getting home, but also for the thought that they very well could miss Christmas with their families.  Kim was able to find flights home for both travelers on the 23rd arriving to Heathrow early morning on the 24th!!!!  She has made two employees and their families very happy!  I greatly appreciate her efforts and felt she should be recognized for it.”

Kendall Travis Sales Operations

“I wanted to send you an email to let you and Professional Travel know what fantastic service I received from Tracey Perzel.   Tracey is very professional and efficient.  I had the pleasure of doing business with her yesterday and I could not have received better service.  She is truly an asset to your company.  I look forward to doing business with Tracey again!”

Dottie Brown

“Sharon, Alex wanted me to tell you how grateful he was for all your help, and how kind and helpful Jill was after you were gone.  He said he has had great service with Professional Travel and how kind everyone he spoke to!  He said he is so grateful for such wonderful service!!”

Alex Sterling

“I would like to take this time to thank you and the staff at Professional Travel for the great ongoing service that we have received.   I feel that it is important for you to know that Debbie Hargis and her team have continued to provide excellent customer service and support.  It is such a relief to know that when I am out of the office that our associates will receive professional service.   I am very appreciative.”

Lisa Burrage Corporate Travel Manager

“Tracy, Give yourself a “BIG” raise --- the hotel is awesome!! Your patience and professional attitude was the best! Thank you very much.”

John Crotty

“Debbie you are wonderful to work with…..  I know everyone keeps calling you in the exec building.  We all feel you are great to work with and Mary and Monica too.  Glad you are here for us…  WE NEED YOU!!!!!"

Joyce Stevens Executive Secretary

“I have worked with Professional Travel for over five years and I have always enjoyed our partnership. I just wanted to let you know that last evening Brooke saved the day and truly came to my rescue!  She was amazing in the heat of the moment and assisted me with getting folks to the right places without a whole lot of time/space in our favor.  She was amazing …”

Melissa Cohill Executive Assistant

“HI JANET, Please know how much we appreciate you looking out for us on this Hawaii trip. You’ve always extended the best service to me for all my trips to Anchorage --- and Ken also feels that you’ve taken excellent care of us with this holiday vacation. Hope all’s well.”

Kathy Roverts

“I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to you and the people at Professional Travel that helped me get out of the northeast on Friday the 8th. Over two days I tried to book a flight to get ahead of the storm NEMO and was on the phone with your associates continually. Thursday starting around noon there were no flights available  all the way through Friday morning, however through the due diligence of the associates at Professional Travel you all were able to find me a flight out on the Friday on the last flight out of all of New England. I am truly grateful, Great job to you all.”

Gary S. Rustin

“Wanted to take a moment to let you know that our trip to Cancun was fantastic.  Every guest I spoke to and every executive at our Company was thrilled.  Our prior two trips we very nice, but this one was far and away the best.  I believe the main difference was the pre-trip preparation and logistical execution Professional Travel provided.  It started with the registration web-site which worked great and provided our travelers with an abundance of information.  The reporting that told me who had and had not registered was very helpful and saved my group a lot of time.

The flight booking process was a grand slam.  Our travelers were pleased with the help they received in booking the best flights for their specific needs.  Universally  they appreciated the fact that if they had to call back they spoke to the same person each time, which was very beneficial.  We ran into a couple of flight issues during the trip, and your team worked hard to provide the best alternatives to help them reach Cancun as early as possible.  The combination of which made the execution of the trip seamless.

Lastly, Margaret was exceptional.  Working with her was great.  She made sure I was up to date on all of the information throughout the process and offered excellent options when challenges arose.  Even when I called (or e-mailed) with questions from Cancun, she responded with answers within minutes.

Throughout the trip our travelers kept reminding us how much they loved the trip and cannot wait for the next one.  We got the message and I have asked Margaret to help us research options for our next trip.  Thanks to everyone at Professional Travel for all of their help to make our trip a huge success.”

Dennis A Streen Director of Communications

“I just wanted to send a note to let you know that I work a lot with Lynn in booking travel.  Lynn is simply wonderful.  She continually looks out for the best options and does so in a very fast and efficient manner.  I had to let you know that I absolutely love working with Lynn and am so happy that I can always rely on her.  You have a true asset in Lynn at your agency!!”

Barbara Moore Senior Associate/ Executive Assistant

“Brooke, I want to thank you for all of your help. You were so sweet and gracious a couple weeks ago getting me rebooked onto another flight when my original one  was cancelled. You went way beyond the call of duty to help me. Thanks to you I got back to Atlanta and was able to make it to Columbus, GA to see my mom who had just had surgery.   I got there around midnight……but at least I was there.  You were so kind and I really appreciated it.  Then once again, I needed help with rebooking this flight, and you were ready to help.  Everyone at Professional Travel is always so nice and helpful……….You just stand out!!! Thanks again for everything!!"

Tammy Swim

“Tracy was OUTSTANDING.  Gerry got stuck in CLE and she managed to get him switched over to US Air without penalties and I know she put in a lot of time on the phone with United.  I just want to say THANK YOU for her excellent customer service.”

Glynis Gohegan Executive Administrator

“I have used several agencies in the past, Carlson, American Express and others before I switched to Pro Travel.  I can say without doubt, Pro Travel has best served my needs….”

Gene Cain Director of Customer Services

“I just wanted to share some feedback with you on an experience I had with Pro Travel last week. Last Thurs (5/23) one of our partners ran into some weather related travel issues and ended up getting stuck at Dulles. I called Pro Travel that evening to see what we could do to get him home ASAP. The agent who I worked with was Sharon Fox and she was awesome. We were on the phone for about an hour and she was very patient as I was also receiving calls and texts from our partner and had to put her on hold a couple of times. She was very thorough looking into all flight options  out of Dulles and Reagan airport and also while we were looking for a hotel for the partner to stay in that night. Sharon was very friendly and polite and she made a usually frustrating situation into a positive one. Thanks.”

Lea Fedor Senior Associate/ Executive Assistant

“Our 2 founders flew out to Pebble Beach yesterday for 2 rounds of golf and their flights got screwed up due to delays and got stuck in LA last night.  He called the 24 hour number you provided and said the customer service could not have been better.  The person that helped them out was Pam.  If you could please forward on our appreciation.  When we have 300 locations open I will take you to Pebble Beach for a round!!”

Patrick Tierne Controller

“I’m having some good success on bookings and flight changes with Pro Travel. Karelle Howard, the representative is doing an excellent job of navigating the process and working to make sure things are handled promptly. Thank you”

Blake Stevens Director of Sales

“Yesterday, June 2nd, I was starting my normal travel route from JAX to MSY as the severe storms passed through Atlanta, Georgia. Needless to say, there were long delays and missed connecting flights to my final destination. Delta representatives were not able to book an alternate flight for me to get me to MSY last night. Delta had me booked to leave out of ATL to MSY at 8:30a.m. on Monday, June 3rd, which would of resulted in being extremely late for work. I do understand the Delta reps had hundreds of customers to rebook however it seems like they would of put more effort into ensuring the customers were happy.

Knowing I was in for a long night, I called the emergency 24 hour number you provided and talked to Debbie Pounce. Debbie was a pleasure to work with in resolving the issue of ensuring I arrived to MSY on June 2nd. She was immediately engaged  and determined to find a way to get me to MSY. Debbie tried several ideas and then was able to secure a confirmed seat for me on the last flight to MSY! I was very satisfied with the service she provided and her desire to get the job done! Kudos to Debbie for a job well done in a time of need!”

David Jones Senior Consultant

“Brooke, thanks so much for adding this to Hal’s profile.  We were in such a hurry to book Hal’s domestic flight yesterday, that I forgot to ask for business class, so it was my fault totally and I made sure Hal knew that.  He just assumed that it was in his profile that he flew business class.  I told him that was the case for International flights, but I wasn’t sure about domestic.  He had just landed in Atlanta from London, and we had to book him on another flight at the last minute, so he was pretty tired at that point and would have appreciated business class, but I’m not even sure business class was available since it was such a full flight.  Hal doesn’t fly domestically very often, so I forget to ask.  Thanks so much for adding that note to Hal’s profile…greatly appreciated.  It is so hectic around here lately, I can use all the help I can get!"

Bette Bertke

“A quick note to compliment one of your employees.  Tracy went above and beyond to help me....after a rough night of travel, she spent time helping me navigate the TSA pre check options.  I remember reaching out to you in the past....I am in the service business and appreciate great service.   Thank you!!”

Brian E. Dean CFA, CPA , Executive Vice President

“Grayson Billings is extremely attentive and responsive to my travel needs. Always available and returns calls and follows up in a very timely manner. In addition he always takes an extra minute or 2 to make sure he is getting the best rate available.  My highest level of satisfaction goes to his efforts."

John Mirabelli

“Joyce, I want to thank you for your over and above assistance last night in finding me lodging. You were great! It was my pleasure and my good fortune that you took my call.  The service couldn’t been better and your expressed compassion more genuine.”

Mike Bader

“Hi Jill, I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance yesterday.  You helped me and two of my co-workers get home when it was looking like we were going to be stuck having to fly back at the crack of dawn today.  I really appreciated the fact that while you were probably receiving calls all day from employees that were trying to get home, that you helped us like we were the only ones you were worried about at that time.  Thanks again for your help!”

George Behn

“Joyce, I just want to thank you for your help when I was stuck at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia since my first flight landed in Atlanta late and I missed my connection. Without your help I would not have returned home to Columbus, Ohio that night and would not have made my flight the next morning to head to Wisconsin for an important fundraiser. It would have completely thrown my travel week off. You looked at quite a few flight options for me and ensured that I could return home that night. You were exceptionally professional and you stayed on the phone with me to make sure I would make the flight. I barely made it after running through the airport but because you were so efficient I was able to board a plane and head home. You have no idea how grateful I am. I would like for you to send this e-mail to your supervisor so he can see what a great job you are doing. Travel can be challenging and working with someone like you is a delight and makes it not as burdensome. I really appreciate all your help and I hope your supervisor values your work because I definitely do. Thank you again for all of your help. You went above and beyond anyone I have ever worked with at Professional Travel."

Nancy Crespo Deputy Director of Government Relations

“Thank you for checking periodically.  On the return flight, they got us off the plane and then put us back on but I got off and took the red eye, which fortunately someone at ProTravel had already booked me on while I was sitting on the plane waiting for United to decide what they were going to do.  If I had gotten back on instead of taking the red eye, I would have missed the Denver connection and not been able to get into Cleveland until 4 pm the next day.  I needed to be back in Cleveland by noon, which is why I had originally left earlier than many.  If I had taken there guidance and gotten back on, I would have missed the critical noon meeting.  I was definitely happy that ProTravel had both brought up the red eye option and booked me on the red eye, as that was exactly what I needed to do to get back on time.  Thank you.”

Paige Giannetti

"I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with travel arrangements.  You three are just wonderful and such a pleasure to work with.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you over the past few years.  This is my last official day with my company and I couldn’t leave here without letting you know how much I appreciate each of you. "

Barb Meyer Sr. Executive Assistant to CIO

“I just want to bring to your attention the excellent customer service we receive on a case-by-case basis, every time, but they also go above and in this case. Carrie remembered that our company has free tickets on Delta that we are able to apply under certain conditions.  She contacted the account manager at Delta and was able to utilize a free ticket for an upcoming trip to B'ham.  So she remembered we could do that, looked into it, and made it happen...all on our behalf. This is excellent customer care! I just had to bring it to your attention.  Thank you!”

Gini Kennedy

“I wanted to take a moment to send a huge thank you to your group and specifically to Anita Goddard.  I had a flight cancellation trying to get from Atlanta to Seattle….. After Anita got me waitlisted for an early morning flight she checked the status for me overnight and again at 5:30am EST and stayed in contact with me all morning to make sure that I made it on the plane.  I am so completely grateful to her attention and help.  It went far beyond my prior experiences with all of the travel groups I’ve worked with over the years.  THANK YOU!”

Lindsey Fletcher Regional Sales Manager

“I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and compliment one of your employees.  Bill has been involved helping me on some travel challenges over the last few months that include my arrangements as well as my colleague from Germany.  Bill is just wonderful.  What a great personality and a wealth of knowledge.  He has even responded to emails that I sent over the weekends.  I did not expect to get a response until Monday or Tuesday.  But this further demonstrated his excellent customer care skills.  You know already that I think very highly of your company and services you provide.  As well as the attentiveness that Debbie provides me as she manages our account.  But Bill is absolutely the icing on the cake.”

Gene Cain Director of Customer Services

“I just wanted to let you know that Professional Travel is awesome to work with, I'm so glad you decided to make the switch to them. I have never encountered anyone there that wasn't very professional, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Feel free to pass along my comments to them, they are certainly taking care of any and all my needs. From any agent I talk to (Patricia, Sharon, Rita and others) on the line to Bill with the travel awards - very quick to respond and follow up. Makes my job that much easier.”

Melody Cosman Executive Assistant

“I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Karelle, for the excellent customer service she provided to me last week.  I had a lot of questions for her, I was even looking at the incorrect airline’s information and she realized it and helped me to sort it out.  She spent quite a bit of time with me and even coached me where to look (on websites for actual seating arrangements).  I have always been pleased with the service I received from Professional Travel but with Karelle’s patience, professionalism and sense of humor, she exceeded my expectations.  Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended and I commend her.”

Denise Phillips Executive Administrative Assistant

“John, Just want to quickly say thanks and kudos to several of your agents for help in the last couple of days.  Last evening, I had a crazy situation on a ticket (at about 6:30pm), and Rachel, as well as Carol, were so helpful and so courteous in taking care of getting the situation resolved with Delta.  I’m used to wonderful service from Carol Bethany and Mary Hanzel Kelly, who save me on a daily basis anyway, but it was great to have their help last evening.  Then, today, our CEO was stuck with a multi-times delayed flight, and in a panic about getting home for something very important.  I was able to grab one of the last seats on the next flight, leaving within 45 minutes, and Carrie was able to get it ticketed quickly for me so that he could check-in and still make the flight.  Thanks to Carrie for making that happen!  As always great to have ProTrav as a partner!!”

Marilyn McDougal Travel Coordinator/Meeting Planner

"Thank you so much for the detailed response and your diligence.  This is just one example out of many that I have seen of the wonderful customer service that Professional Travel offers to our company.”

Annette Darantos Travel Operations Superviser

“Thank you for the excellent customer service – your staff has been a great asset to me”

Michael Anthony Chairman, President, CEO

After an exchange with one of our team members:

Sharon, You are an amazing service professional — and I’d be happy to tell anyone that asks! Thanks so much for this info and all of your efforts. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

John M. Shubert Executive Vice President, CBIZ

After obtaining American Platinum Status for a client:

I received my American Airlines Platinum card today!!!! Which is awesome and will certainly give me some viable travel options. I really appreciate all your help and assistance.

John Mirabelli Senior Director – Scouting Operations, Cleveland Indians

I called into Pro Travel this afternoon looking to book a flight for my boss & Kathy Yuhasz took care of everything! I normally book online but due to time restraints and many projects on my plate I called in to book the flight ... she even checked to see if we had credits with United that he could use since flying into DC is super expensive. Once she had an answer about the credits, she called me back and took care of booking the reservation and adding a rental car, it was great!  Just an FYI & pat on the back for excellent service.

Alexandra Kluczarov Davey Tree

After tracking a client's delayed flight

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to proactively resolve what was quickly becoming a bad situation. We got lucky and made it to our connecting flight just in time! It was such a relief when I read your email afterwards! Thanks again for being so proactive in your role. It feels good to know someone is watching out for me as I travel frequently.

Kathleen Willard Power Sales Support - Contellation

I just wanted to share how much I enjoy dealing with Pro Travel. You have great people working to make business travel as painless as possible. I have worked a lot with Pam Leonard – she is brilliant.

She is  customer focused, cheerful and always willing to help you find the best travel options. She has great follow up and always is armed with a “how might we” attitude. I love when I press team 2 and she answers the phone!

Stephanie Ball Director of Sales - PURELL® Business Team - GOJO® Canada, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know that if I could give out spirit coins, I would give a dozen of them to each of the following because they ALL are extremely helpful all year long and every time I call or email them with issues!!! Lee Batenchuk, Carol Bethany, Debbie Carpenter, Pam Leonard, Roianne Miele, Karlyn Reale, Brenda Thrasher, Kathy Yuhasz.

Linda Hyatt - GOJO