About Professional Travel

We didn’t pick our name by accident.

When we decided to establish Professional Travel in Cleveland in 1963, we thought long and hard about what we wanted to name our company. With so many choices it wasn’t easy, but it became obvious what that name should be. And this is why we selected Professional Travel as our moniker.

We didn’t want to be just another one of thousands of travel agencies that were dotting the landscape. We wanted a name to reflect the essence of who we envisioned we would actually be.

Before we even opened our doors, we created a vision for our organization. And today, with GREAT pride, we have seen that vision fulfilled. Professional Travel has become one of the largest travel companies in the United States and a premier global travel agency in Cleveland, Ohio. Far more importantly, we are widely acknowledged as being one of the very best in our industry!

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy was, and still is, very simple: to always go “the extra mile” for our clients, guaranteeing their satisfaction, and thus ensuring, lasting business relationships. Today, everyone in our organization recognizes and takes great pride in knowing Professional Travel has grown almost entirely by keeping customers so pleased they not only grow together with us, they refer their friends and peers as well.

In today’s frenetic and crazy world, most organizations have completely abandoned the notion of loyalty. For us, customer loyalty is how we measure “our formula for success.”

Bob Sturm
President & CEO