Posted On: March, 2016

How to Handle Business Travel if You Don’t Like Flying

- March 31, 2016

Flying has gotten much more stressful in the years since 9/11, with long security lines, new baggage restrictions, etc. But that’s the subject for another blog. I’m talking about fear of flying….


Common Excuses for Not Using a TMC

- March 22, 2016

Maybe you think the fees paid to a TMC could be better spent elsewhere, or that your company is too small, or has too few employees. Maybe you think that in this…


Traveling to Cleveland for the RNC: Getting Around

- March 15, 2016

Once you’ve finalized your plans to visit Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, you might be wondering how you’ll get around. Lucky for you, the Cleveland area is very easy to navigate…


Tips to Demonstrate Proper Etiquette on Your Next Business Trip

- March 8, 2016

When traveling for business it’s important to remember that you’re not just representing yourself, you are representing your company. The impressions you leave on those you’re traveling to meet can have lasting…